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  • For many years some clients of offshore jurisdictions would expect to form an offshore company, appoint nominee directors and then be given complete control of the company’s activities so that the offshore service provider would know nothing of the company’s activities.

  • The advent of the modern legislation to prevent money laundering has caused significant change in this business over the last few years. Today, the offshore corporate manager will need to be completely informed of the identities of his clients and the nature and details of their business. The logic and reasons behind this are quite simple, offshore companies have been used in the past by terrorists, drug traffickers and corrupt politicians to facilitate their illegal doings. To help prevent this from happening, the offshore service provider needs to get acquainted with the activities of his/her clients.

  • The offshore service provider will ask for comprehensive proof of the clients’ identities and contact details. Thereafter – especially if more advanced offshore services are ordered – the offshore manager will ascertain the client’s goals and will also need to assure itself that a particular structure is not being set up to engage in or hide the proceeds of fraud, corruption and all other types of criminal activity. The manager will also check that proposed activities are not “sensitive”, even if legal, for example arms trading. Having established the client’s intentions the manager will then agree how a company will operate.

  • If the offshore service provider is to provide such advanced services as third-party Director or account signatory, it is important for the client to understand that the offshore Directors’ liabilities are exactly the same as those of any other director. On an ongoing basis the directors are responsible for the good governance of the Company. Therefore, full co-operation with the Client is essential.

  • Holdings by S&S, is licensed to provide all of the company management services as described.

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